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Simon.Phong(General manager)

Simon.Phong(General manager)

● Managing enterprise& formulate strategies.

● Big brands OEM business meeting and negotiation.

● Oversea office and marketing arrangement.

● Team management

Rich managerial experience and market strategic estimate. Simon started as sales manager for watch business from the year of 2009, and cooperate with big swiss brands by years. Hundreds of new watch brands was built up and go to sucess under double-win cooperation.

Kehan.Chau(Engineer manager)

Kehan.Chau(Engineer manager)

● Managing the engineer department and production department.

● Arrange the production lines plans and solve technology problem.

● Develop new ideas and designs for watch brands, quality control and analyses, Technical drawing examination

38 years watch industry experience and ever worked as case polish worker/assembly master/engineer/production manager/the manager of factory.etc

Vincent.Tong(Designer manager)

Vincent.Tong(Designer manager)

● Managing the designers team

● Search the popular watch style and charactors in the market.

● Arrange the group for the creative design and ideas.

● OEM Brand planning and implementation of brand image building

15 years watch design experiance. worked for American watch company as cheif designer from the first beginning and pbtain unique watch design ideas for different market, espercially for Europe and United Stated.

Andrea Wen(Sales manager)

Andrea Wen(Sales manager) /Sam Chan(Sales manager)

● Developing respective regional market, setting up and managing the distribution network.

● sales group building,training and management

● arrange related after-sale service

● big brands negotiation and contract arrangement

● maintaining and improving relationships with the client

Seven years of experience on high quality watches customization help us to give brands professional suggestions and good market predictive power. We are good at communication,control the cost and delivery time. Meticulous attitude for the details and GREAT loyalty for customer brands and serects win good reputation. Quickly response help customer solve problems timely.

Sam Chan(Sales manager)